Life As A Minimalist After One Year

how's life will become after one year of minimalism

One year after minimalism

I still remember the first time when I was being introduced minimalism was around August 2016.

As I couldn't find much videos about minimalism on YouTube, I started posting about become minimalist in Singapore on YouTube in August last year.

And because of that, I was connected with like-minded minimalists and most of us are now in a Facebook Group (This is a closed group as we want to keep it minimalist!), it keeps growing bigger day by day though!

So how's life for me after a year of minimalism?

Well, below are some of my thoughts and practices:

  • I no longer buy physical books but rather loan or buy online (we do have digital library which we circulate books around)
  • I own lesser clothes than a year before (worn and torn clothes are being use as rags instead)
  • I still listen to The Minimalist's Podcast to learn more about minimalism
  • Those who knows that I'm a minimalist stopped buying stuffs for me (instead they will get me a gift card for movies or groceries etc)
  • I still feel irritated by those who loves to accumulate stuffs
  • Once in a while, I will discuss stuffs about minimalism with my fellow like-minded friends on the Minimalism in Singapore groupchat
  • I adopted the "One to one replacement" approach, i.e if my shoe is torn, then I will buy a new one to replace. I won't get additional one for "Just in case"
  • My investment portfolio got bigger and better due to buying lesser stuffs and having more money to invest
  • Once in a while, I will blog about what I have learned about minimalism on journey to the less site
  • Toiletries got much lesser and tidier
  • Reduced my paper clutters significantly
  • Healthier due to the plan of exercising at least once a week
Despite all of these, I still feel there's more room for improvement.

How about you? How long were you in this journey?

Comments and share your experiences! Hope I can learn from you too......


  1. Nice to know there's someone who shares the same interest of minimalism as I am.

    My minimalism journey is actually more in the way I do my writing and blogging. Try to apply some of principles and values in the way I write my posts.

    Prima |


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