Having more with less When I have started journey to the less, I was all alone by myself. I didn't expect there are so many people who are like me desiring to have more with less. Until lately, we managed to connect like-minded people together via social media like Facebook and WhatsApp. No doubt that our group have grown, but each of us have lesser stuffs now as compared when we all first started.
So as today topic is about replacement, therefore I would like to share one of the ways that works for me on the journey to minimalism.
One good gadget for replacement for most of our clutters is our smartphone. And because of my smartphone, I no longer own or own lesser now for the items listed below (I will explain why too): Watches (my phone can tell me the date and time)Alarm clock (I can set alarm with my phone)GPS (I used to own a Garmin GPS in my car, now I don't need it because google map app replaced it)Car (I can now book for private car using app like GrabRyde, Tada or S…

Keep Those Memories

I Want Those Memories! "Why do you seem happy most of the time and what do you do when you feel sad?" I still remember this is the question I asked my happy-go-lucky friend, Kenneth.
"I will think about those happy moments in my life and forget about those sad ones!" exclaimed Kenneth, who is always generous in sharing his thoughts.
Most of us are being "trapped in thought" that physical items bring fond memories to us. 
However the truth is, it is the memories behind those items that brought us happiness rather than the item itself.
As I was writing and sharing this post, the items that you see on the above pictures are already in the trash bin but already in the digital format.
So why do I decided to throw them away? These are the things that my loved ones gave it to me!
The decision to throw them away is not an immediate one.
They have been lying on the table and pinboard for quite some times...........
Weeks and months have gone. They are still there.

Mental Clutter

Physical Clutter Gone, What's Next? Well done! You have already got rid many of your non-essential physical stuffs. "So, what's next?" You ask yourself.
I'm still not feeling happy and fulfilled! 
Worse still, I feel emptiness! 
Well, I can connect with you! That's why we have a community!
For those working adults, you might be constantly worrying about your unstable job. For kids, they still have worries about their endless tests and exams. For the elderly, they consistently worry about their health, children or even grandchildren.
Getting Rid of Mental Clutter "Didn't you promise that minimalism will bring in more time freedom and happiness?" You wondered......
Yes! Life is a marathon and not a sprint. If you need to train for a marathon, how would you do it?
Would you straight away run a 42km and get yourself injure, or would you gradually improve your physical strength weeks by weeks, months by months and go for the marathon next year?
I know…

Happy Chinese New Year

How would you celebrate CNY as a chinese minimalist? Same as everyone else, I still buy new clothes, do my spring cleaning, buy CNY's goodies etc. So what's the different as a chinese minimalist who also celebrate CNY the same as others?
As I shared in my previous blog post regarding how my life has changed after a year of minimalism, this year during the spring cleaning, we really can feel the effect of it. 
My wife feels less stress in cleaning and tidying up (because we have much lesser stuffs now than before), for CNY's food stuffs, we don't really buy much as we are just a family of four and not many people gather in our house for celebration. We tend to gather at someone's place who is more senior.
We only buy what we think we are able to finish up such as bak kwa, boxes of chocolates, some packet of drinks (pretty much nothing else, except some other stuffs for steamboat).
Even for new year clothes, I only restrict myself in just getting one piece of shirt. …

Life As A Minimalist After One Year

One year after minimalism
I still remember the first time when I was being introduced minimalism was around August 2016.
As I couldn't find much videos about minimalism on YouTube, I started posting about become minimalist in Singapore on YouTube in August last year.
And because of that, I was connected with like-minded minimalists and most of us are now in a Facebook Group (This is a closed group as we want to keep it minimalist!), it keeps growing bigger day by day though!
So how's life for me after a year of minimalism?
Well, below are some of my thoughts and practices:
I no longer buy physical books but rather loan or buy online (we do have digital library which we circulate books around)I own lesser clothes than a year before (worn and torn clothes are being use as rags instead)I still listen to The Minimalist's Podcast to learn more about minimalismThose who knows that I'm a minimalist stopped buying stuffs for me (instead they will get me a gift card for movies …